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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome to Applying Aesthetics

Hello blogosphere!

I wanted to christen this blog by introducing myself to you, my readers. My name is Meghana. I live in suburban Illinois, and I am a senior in high school.

Truth be told: this blog is created for my high school English class. But it is the goal of the assignment, and a personal goal of mine, to make sure that this blog is more than just a collection of turned-in writings. This blog is going to attempt to function as a "real" blog, and I am going to try to be as interactive as a blog author as I can be. So with that said please feel free to comment on anything I post, and I will respond to as many comments as possible.

The idea I had for this blog was simple. Write about how aesthetics affect everything around us. "How?", you might say. Well that's what you stick around for! But seriously, think about it. Appearance and aesthetics affect almost every opinion you make, even if you don't think about them consciously. If you see two similar products, you will choose the one with better packaging. It is for this reason, that aesthetics have an effect in every part of life, that I decided I wanted to learn more about and write this blog about aesthetics and the roles appearance play in our lives.

Not only do I want to learn more about aesthetics, but I want to build on the knowledge base that I already have. I am an amateur makeup artist and fashion junkie, both of which are hobbies that very heavily tie into aesthetics. I don’t think anyone who knows me and will read this blog will be surprised that this is the avenue I chose to take my blog down, and I am excited to take that path with you all.

I’m pretty well versed in how my makeup and clothes affect how many compliments I get per day, but I’d also like to learn a little bit more about the psychology behind that, and how aesthetics may affect other things than just what I am used to. And that is why I chose to write my blog about this. Not because I am already an expert on the topic, but because I have a solid foundation and am eager to expand and learn much more about the topic.

With that said, I'm very excited for this blog's exploration of aesthetics and their effects. I will be updating this blog regularly for class, and if I have the time and the inspiration strikes me, I will try to update this blog with non-required posts as well. So thank you for reading this, and if you have a minute please take the time to either add this to an RSS feed account (I recommend Google reader, there is a widget on the side to add an RSS feed of the post to your google account) or subscribe to me via e-mail (also on the right side, just type in your e-mail address and hit submit, and every time I post an e-mail will be sent to you with a link to my post).

Until next time,

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