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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are you racist?

Here's a test to find out!

It will also tell you if you're prejudiced against different religions, sexes, sexualities, weights, ages, presidents, and more!

But are these results valid? I, a huge advocate for equality in every sense of the world, showed up with a slight preference for light skin and a slight preference for straight people. But is this true? Honestly, I don't think it shows a lot about me, but I think that this test can illuminate something you may not have realized in yourself. The test measures the time it takes you to sort words into categories. For example, you sort the skin tones into two categories, but they can be matched with good and bad as well. But I think that like myself, many people would not say that they have a preference to a skin tone but may get a different result when taking the test. So as readers, I'd like to ask you something. Post in the comments if you take the test, and if you think it aligns with what you consider yourself to be.

Look out for my next post soon, I'd like to talk about implicit racism in our society, and maybe this test can help you realize some implicit racism that you carry with you before you read my next post.

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